Using Dynamic Text Replacement on Your Page

1. Double-click any text component and highlight the text you'd like to make dynamic and put it between double-braces (as seen below).

{{ insert text here }}

2. Name the URL parameter, which is the name for the dynamic tag you're creating. In this example, there are two dynamic tags: {{word1}} and {{word2}}. You can choose any word (or label) that you want for your dynamic tag.

3. Now that you have added the dynamic text tag to your Landing Lion page it’s time to create the URL that you’ll have to include on your Google AdWords, PPC, or social media ad. Referencing the example above, at the end of the URL you will need to append the following:


4. Replace "keyword" with the specific keyword you want to populate the page. Note: For this example we will use the keywords "lead" and "template".

In the the example above, your final URL would look like this:

5. If you want to include more than one word in your dynamic text tag within the URL be sure to include "%20" in between each word. For example, if you wanted to say "qualified leads" rather than "leads" your final URL would look like this:

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