With the Zapier integration, you can automatically transfer all leads you capture on your pages to any CRM you use.

What you will need:

  • A Zapier Account
  • A Landing Lion Account
  • A Landing Lion Page

⚠️ Tip: If you are new to the concept of Webhooks in Zapier, we recommend you review Zapier's "Simple Guide to Webhooks" before getting started. 

To completely integrate with Zapier you will:

  • Create a Zap
  • Map the form fields in Zapier
  • Add the Zap webhook to your page

⚠️❗️Warning: Before connecting Zapier, create all the Custom Form Fields you will be using on your page. Custom Form Fields created after connecting Zapier will not show up in Zapier.

Connect Zapier to Landing Lion

1. Login to Zapier

2. Click "Make a Zap!" at the top of the page

3. Type webhooks in the search and select Webhooks by Zapier

4. Select "Catch Hook" then click Continue

5. Leave the Pick off a Child Key field blank and click Continue

6. Copy the webhook URL

7. In a new tab, login to your Landing Lion account

8. Go to "Page Settings" in your landing page

9. Click the "Integrations" tab

10. Scroll down the Zapier Integration, toggle the switch to turn on the integration, and click "Create Webhook".

11. Paste the URL you copied from Zapier, give it a title, and click save.

12. Now go back to Zapier's website and go to your new Zap.

13. Confirm you added the Webhook.

14. After a few seconds you should see that the test passed.

15. Click the "view your hook" link to make sure all your custom form fields are included.

16. If you want to add a custom form field, go back to Landing Lion and add the custom form field. Then create a new zap from step 1 of this guide.

Click continue to finish creating your Landing Lion Zap trigger 🙌

Map your Form Fields

After creating the Landing Lion trigger, select an Action for you Zap. You will be able to map your form fields in the Action(s) for the Zap you are creating.

Link your Zap to a Page

1. Log in to Landing Lion.

2. Go to "Page Settings" in your landing page and click on the "Integrations" tab.

3. Find Zapier and select the URL for the Zap you created (make sure to add a custom title for you zap).

Now all form submissions will be sent to Zapier 🎉 🙌

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