What are Lead Alerts?

Lead alerts are email notifications you receive when a visitor submits a form on your page. Unlike notification emails already sent to users in your account, Lead Alerts can be sent to anyone without them needing to sign up for Landing Lion, or have access to your account.

Access Lead Alert Settings

1. In your collection overview, hover over your page card and click "Page Settings"

2. In the page details view, click ALERTS at the top right of the navigation bar.

Add email addresses

  1. In the email form, type in the email addresses you want to assign lead alerts to. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.
  2. Click ADD EMAILS.
  3. Your team members will receive an invitation email from Landing Lion with the subject, " Invitation to receive lead notifications". 

Configuring lead alert emails

1. To turn lead alert notifications on or off for a user, toggle the slider on the left.

2. The yellow "!" in an email address row means that your team member has not accepted the invitation to receive lead alerts in their inbox. Your team members must accept this invitation in order to receive lead alerts.

⚠️ NOTE: Added email addresses it will automatically appear in every page you create within this workspace. They will not receive lead alerts until they are toggled on for that page.

3. To remove email address from lead alerts, hover over the row and click on the trash bin icon. Type TRASH to confirm removing this email address from lead alerts.

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