To help you obtain consent that is specific, informed, unambiguous and freely given, use the GDPR checkbox field in the form component.

This feature will make your forms GDPR compliant βœ…

With this checkbox field, your visitors can choose exactly how and if they want to receive news from you. You have the freedom to change the checkbox text and use as many as you need for different types of purposes.

How to add the new GDPR checkbox field in your forms

1. Click the '+' button and select GDPR Agreement in the form field dropdown.

2. Change the checkbox description to inform your users what terms they are agreeing to, or the type of email content they will be receiving.

To comply with GDPR, we suggest you make sure that each purpose needing consent is a separate checkbox that is unchecked by default.

We hope this form enhancement empowers you to be clear about how you will use your visitor's data. We believe that being more descriptive about how you’re using your their data will improve the likelihood that they grant consent. πŸ‘

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