⚠️Important: You must be added as an Organization Admin in the account you are trying to transfer pages to. 

Save your page as a template

  1. Click "Edit design" on a page card to open the page you want to move. In the page actions dropdown, click "Save as template." Name your template and click "Create." 

Import the template

2. Go to the Workspace you would like to move the page to and navigate to your templates section. 

3. Click the + TEMPLATE button, and click "Import from workspace" from the dropdown.

4. Choose the Workspace you saved your page template in.
5. Hover over the template you just created, and click "Import."

Use the template to create the page

5. Navigate to the Collection you want to import your page to.
6. Click the + PAGE button.
7. In the Templates select view, click on the Custom tab.
8. Select the template you just imported.

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