This article assumes that you followed all the steps to connect your custom domain.

If there is a yellow "!" next to your custom domain in Landing Lion, that means that our system is still trying to verify that you've created a CNAME record pointing to our servers.

If your DNS was set up incorrectly, and you've gone back to fix the mistake, click "Verify DNS Settings" to resend a request to verify the new changes. 

After your domain is verified, you will see a green checkmark like this:

 ➡ NEXT: Once your custom domain has verified, use your domain on a page.

⚠️ NOTE: It can take up to 48 hours for all Domain Name Servers (DNS, the internet's phone book) to point your domain to your new pages. This is standard across all website hosting sites and is unfortunately out of our control. 

  • If your custom domain has still not been verified after a 48 hours, it may be an issue with your domain provider. Since our support team can not see your DNS settings, contact your domain provider's support team. Our support team cannot log in to your DNS account on your behalf. 
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