There are two ways to add custom code to your page:  in the Custom Code tab in Page Settings or by using an Embed Component.

How to add Custom Code in your Page Settings

If you are trying to embed script tags, use the header and body fields located in the Custom Code tab of your Page Settings.

⚠️ Note: Custom code added in Page Settings can only be viewed on a live page, not within the Page Builder.

1. Hover over the page you want to add custom code to and click "View Page Settings".

2. Click the Custom Code tab. Insert the code either in the  <head> field or the <body> field depending on your code. 

3. Click "Save" to finish. 

How to add Custom Code using the Embed Component

You should use an Embed component when you need to add custom code to a specific part of the page (i.e. a Google Map, 3rd party form, Calendly widget, etc.) You may also want to use an Embed component for any custom CSS to see how the code will look as you edit the page. 

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