Accessing Visitor Data

In the Collections view, hover over the page and click 'Page Settings'.

Understanding Visitor Data

The following are recorded about each visitor:

  1. Visitor # - each visitor has a unique number assigned to them until they submit their information via a form on your page
  2. First Seen - when the visitor first discovered your page
  3. Total Views - number of views across all pages visited
    Learn more about Views
  4. Total Conversions - number of conversions across all pages
  5. Forms Submitted - total amount of forms submitted across all pages
  6. Average Duration - average amount of time spent across all pages

Page Visitor Lists

In the Page Visitors section within your Page Settings, you will see lists that represent visitors at different stages within their journey. Only 2 out of the 3 lists will show, depending on whether forms exist on your page.

• Visitors - includes visitors who did not convert, converted visitors, leads

• Leads - visitors who submitted a form

• Converted Visitors - visitors who have submitted a form OR clicked on a conversion event

At a glance within each list, you can see general information about visitors who have recently viewed a page. More importantly, you can view an instant replay of that session by clicking on the play button. To see all visitors who have viewed a page, just click “view all”.


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