Understanding Views data

Data unique to each view includes the device from which they browsed your page, what they clicked during this session, and time spent on the particular page they viewed. This data, stored during the visitor's session, is the foundation of all reporting and analytics within Landing Lion. 

Each view has the potential to be labeled as a "bounce", or "empty visit".

Our numbers differ from Google Analytics (as well as Bing Webmaster) because we track bots. 

Empty visit - data was recorded, but there was no activity detected that resembles human behavior – possibly a bot. In Views data, an empty visit is signified by the following icon:

Bounce - the page was viewed for less than 2 seconds. Data is recorded that resembles human behavior, like a key press or mouse movement. When a bounce occurs, you'll see the following icon in your visitor data:

Session Playback

This feature allows you to gather behavioral data about your visitors. This qualitative type of data helps understand how visitors behave when they visit your pages on mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

To access session playback, click the blue play button in your visitor list.
Watch video replays of every mouse click, page scroll, form submission and more.

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