A button is an element component. Like all components in Landing Lion, you can add a button to any page or page template by dragging it from the Right Pane and dropping it on the Canvas. There is no limit to the number of buttons you can add.

Selecting a Button

To select a button in Landing Lion the Selection Tool must be set to "Auto" or "Element".

Editing a Button

Edit a selected button in the Right Pane of the Page Editor:

  1. Button Styles - access the color, size, and shape of your button. You can choose one of the three sizes: small, medium, or large. You can choose one of the three shapes: square, rounded, or pill.
  2. Button Theme - access the button's theme. You can choose one of the five themes: flat, blocky, bubbly, outlined, or Landing Lion style.
  3. On Click - make something happen when this button is clicked. By default, it is set to "None". To make something happen, choose from one of the options in the "On Click" dropdown: Open Link, Jump to Section, Download File, Print Image, Call Phone, or Send Email. After selecting an on-click action, more configurations become available. 
  4. Track as Conversion - every on click event available has the option to be tracked as a conversion and linked to a Conversion Event. These conversions and conversion events are added to your Reports.
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