Subscribe components are lead capture elements. Here is what a default subscribe component looks like on a published page:

Clicking the button will save the visitor's email in the Visitors section of your Workspace.

Use the subscribe component to build up a list of emails, where you aren't concerned with acquiring other information from a visitor.

Editing a Subscribe Component

To select a subscribe component in Landing Lion the Selection Tool must be set to "Auto" or "Element". Edit a selected subscribe component in the Right Pane of the Page Editor:

  1. Subscribe Theme - change a subscribe component's theme. You can choose one of the two themes: outline, standard (default). A newly added subscribe component shares its theme with other already added subscribe components. Uncheck "Use Shared Theme" to make this subscribe component's theme unique.
  2. Placeholder - text to display in an empty form field. By default, it is set to "Enter your email".
  3. Subscribe Styles - change a subscribe button's color, size, shape. The available colors are determined by your page theme's color palette. You can choose one of the three sizes: small, medium, large. You can choose one of the three shapes: square, rounded, pill.
  4. Button Theme - change the submit button's theme. You can choose one of the four themes: flat, blocky, bubbly, and outlined.
  5. On Submit - make something happen after the form is submitted. By "Default", the information a visitor submits goes to your email as a lead alert and a "Thank You Message" pops up. Choose from one of the options in the "On Click" dropdown: Default, Open Link, Download File, Print Image, or POST Data.
    💡Choosing other actions will not affect the recording of your form data.
  6. Thank You Message - customize the message that appears in a modal when this form is submitted by a visitor.
  7. Manage Form Integrations - takes you to your page's integration settings.
    •  Learn how to add integrations to your page
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