Countdown components are dynamic elements. If you are marketing for a event, use it to count down to the event's date:

Editing a Countdown

To select a countdown element, the Selection Tool must be set to "Auto" or "Element". You can edit a selected countdown in the Right Pane of the Page Editor.

  1. Countdown Theme - choose from two countdown themes: Standard (default), or Outlined. A newly added countdown component will share this theme. Uncheck "Use Shared Theme" to make a countdown's theme unique.
  2. Countdown Type - you can either set a countdown to start by counting down to a future date ("Future Date") or count down from a specific amount of time ("Fixed Time"). 
  3. Date - choose the date of your event here. 
  4. Time - the time on the date to count down to.
  5. Blocks & Labels - set the color and opacity for a countdown's blocks and labels.
  6. Numbers - set the color and opacity for a countdown's numbers.
  7. Style & Size - there are three countdown border style options: borders, borders and strike-throughs, or no borders. For size, a countdown can be small, medium, or large.
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