Components have two types - one can contain other components while the other can not.

Components that contain are called Containers. Components that cannot contain are called Elements. The relationship between the two types of components establishes this hierarchy:

Container > Element(s)

There are three container components: section, row, and column. A section contains rows and a row contains columns. The relationship between the three containers establishes this hierarchy:

Section > Row(s) > Column(s) 

Putting both hierarchies together produces this:

Section > Row(s) > Column(s) > Element(s)

Elements are contained within columns - not rows, not sections. Components will overlap because they are contained within each other. When you click on a component - and it overlaps with another - it's difficult to confidently determine your intent. The Selection Tool was made for you to be explicit with your intent.

It's set to "Auto" - by default

Selection Tool options:

  1. Auto (default) - when you click on a component we do our best to determine what you want to select.
  2. Section - click to select a section.
  3. Row - click to select a row.
  4. Column - click to select a column.
  5. Element - click to select an element.

When set to "Section" you can only select a section.

Notice how only Section Components can be selected here.

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