In a workspace, collections are folders for your pages. Use collections to group your pages within your current workspace. 

You can create, edit, and trash a collection. Every collection you create is visible to all users in your workspace.

A collection can have none, one, or many pages. Whenever a page is visited, that data is recorded not only on the page variant, but also its collection. Because of this, the majority of your Reports are centered around collection data.

💡 Creating multiple collections will help you stay organized and get better insights from your Reports. Each collection has its own Performance, Traffic, and Location Report.

Navigating Collections

There are two ways to identify or switch the collection you are working on:

  1. Collections List - view all collections in your current workspace. Click any collection in the list to switch to that collection. Your current collection will be highlighted - like the "My Website" collection. 
  2. Main Header - the name of your current collection. Click the ellipsis to the right of the name to open the collection actions dropdown menu.

Creating a Collection

To create a collection for your current workspace, click the grey + icon located at the top of the Collections List. 

Collection names do not have to be unique. Click "Create" when you have settled on a name.

Editing a Collection

Collections are folders for pages. Access the available collection actions by clicking the ellipsis icon in the Main Header or hovering over the collection you want to edit to reveal the ellipsis icon:

These are the available actions in both dropdown menus:

  • Rename - change the name of your collection.
  • Trash - trash your collection and all of its pages, page variants, and all of the data associated with it.

Trashing a Collection

Trashing a collection is permanent and deletes all data associated with that collection. Because of this, we make you explicitly confirm your intent by typing out the word "TRASH." Click the trash button after typing "TRASH":

💡 Don't stress if you accidentally trash the wrong collection. Click on the popup notification at the top right of the screen to restore it and all its data.

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