If you're new to Landing Lion, you'll notice that you'll only have stock form fields to use in your forms. You can add, create, and edit different types of custom form fields.

Types of Custom Form Fields

  1. Text - single-line text form that can be used for basic form inputs
  2. Email - single-line email text input
  3. Checkbox - single checkbox input
  4. Checkbox Group - multiple checkbox form that allows visitors to check more than one choice tied to a single form field ID
  5. Radio Group - lets visitors select only one of a limited number of choices you set
  6. Dropdown - a menu that allows the visitor to choose one value from a list that you create
  7. Textarea - a large textbox that allows visitors to type multi-line text within the form
  8. Hidden - allows you to include information that visitors cannot see. The information you enter in the hidden field is included when the form is submitted. Hidden form fields are typically used to communicate data to an integrated application (ie. MailChimp, Salesforce, etc).

Adding Custom Form Fields

  1. To add a custom form field, first select the form component you've added on the page. In the Right Pane under "Form Fields" click the grey "+" to access the dropdown menu.

2. Click "Custom Field" from the dropdown menu to access the available field types for the custom field. Select a form field type from this list.

3. A newly added form field is incomplete — it needs an ID. To add a new custom Field ID, click the new form field and type in what you want the ID to be.

💡Form fields that are missing an ID are highlighted in red. We use IDs to organize your form data in Reports. If no ID is set, then we will not be able to track that form field's data.

Managing Custom Form Fields

1. To manage custom form fields outside of the Page Builder, go to your Settings in the Main Dropdown. 

2. In Settings click the "Form Fields" tab under "Workspace Settings". This is where you can also create custom form fields:

3. Click the blue "+ FORM FIELD" button, give the New Form Field an ID (Form Field Name), and click "CREATE". You can also edit and delete any custom form fields that have been created within this workspace.

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