How your subscriptions are billed

Your subscription is billed based on your selected pricing plan, additional custom domains, and additional workspaces.

Monthly Page Views
Different subscription plans offer different monthly page view limits


You can unlock different features on each plan, i.e. access to all integrations.

When you create an additional workspace, you will be billed a prorated amount based on the remainder of time until your next bill.

Custom Domains
You will be charged a monthly fee for each active custom domain you connect to your workspace. 

Billing cycles

Your billing cycle is based on when you first signed up for Landing Lion on the Exploring plan, not when you upgrade to a different plan. For example, if you signed up on January 1st and upgrade on January 15th, the amount due when you upgrade is half the month's subscription cost. On February 1st, you'll be charged for the full month's subscription cost.

When upgrading plans, you can also select to pay month-to-month, or annually.

View Billing Settings

1. Click "Settings" in the Main Dropdown:

2. Go to the "Billing" section under "Organization Settings":

Here you can see your billing information for the current cycle:

If there are any issues with your bill, reach out to our customer support by clicking this icon in the bottom left of the application:

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