What you will need:

  • A Google Map embed code snippet
  • A Landing Lion account
  • A Landing Lion page

Get the Google Map embed code snippet

1. Look up an address in Google Maps that you would like to embed on your page

2. Click on “Share”
3. Select the tab at the top labeled “Embed map”

4. Copy the code snippet located at the top

Add the map to your Page

1. Open your page in the Page Builder
2. Drag and drop an Embed Component onto your page

1. Select the Embed Component you added to open the component editor in the Right Pane
2. Replace the code snippet in the Right Pane with the Google Maps snippet you saved earlier

You’ve successfully embedded a Google Map on your page!

To change the width and height of your Google Map, you will need to edit the HTML directly in the Google Map embed code. For example, to make your Google Map always fill the width of the Embed Component container, edit the code snippet to width="100%".

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